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come and join us!

We are inviting Hexagon friends and new and returning members to an event on 1st November at 7.30 in Stroud Old Town Hall. The event is free and will begin with a showing of our short play for Stroud Theatre Festival, Letting Go. This will be followed by drinks and...

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Have you got storage space we can use?

We're having to take our stuff out of our former storage shed and are anxious to find an alternative space for a small fee (or none at all!) We need a space about 12' by 8' in a garage or other (weatherproof) site, or somewhere we can put a shed of that size. So if...

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Can anyone join Hexagon?

We’re open to anyone interested in what we do. That includes people who are interested in acting, directing, technical help (eg lighting, sound, set-building) and anyone who would just like to get involved, eg in helping backstage, or with props and costumes. The ‘old lags’ don’t get all the best roles!

Are you interested in looking at new scripts?

If you have written a play you think might be suitable or know of one you want to suggest, we are eager to see it!

How is Hexagon run?

We have a steering group, theoretically of six, hence the name (actually 7 at the moment) who choose plays and directors, and manage productions and finances.

Do you need to audition for parts?

All directors run auditions to choose their cast. They are not ordeals. We usually arrange to read through the play and do a little characterisation at an informal meeting. We always pick the best person for the part so you may get cast even if you are new

What kind of plays do you put on?

We put on good quality plays that excite us, from costume drama to brand new modern comedies, chamber pieces and satire. We like to say we put on plays which make people laugh, cry and think, (not necessarily all at the same time). A look at our past productions should give you a flavour.  We have been the first amateur company in the country to perform a new play several times, and we have also performed plays written by a member of the company.

How often do you perform?

We generally put on two plays a year, although we also have rehearsed readings and take part in local festivals.

What age group are you looking to recruit?

Everybody is welcome. Our performers ages have ranged between seven and eighty. However, we are always on the lookout for young people from diverse backgrounds.