And the kitchen sink!

November 10, 2021

And The Kitchen Sink !
This is a call out to our many friends  and followers. Are you, or anyone you know, having a kitchen replaced in the next 2 – 3 weeks? Hexagon’s latest production, Breaking the Ice, will have its debut at The Cotswold Playhouse on December 9th, 10th & 11th.The play is set in a family home where a group of mis-matched people, attending a creative retreat, are snow bound and stranded together over the Christmas period. Much of the drama is set in the kitchen and this is where we are calling out to our loyal supporters who always seem to come up trumps. We need to build a kitchen as part of the set. Can you, or anyone you know, help to source this? Ideally we need three 600mm base units, one with drawers, possibly a corner base unit, a 1000mm sink base unit, the worktop  …. oh…..and not forgetting …… the kitchen sink. Whilst this is our ideal shopping list we are certain we can tailor our needs to whatever becomes available.
Please message us if you can help us directly or steer us toward someone who can. Its likely that someone will have an entire kitchen, if this is otherwise bound for the tip then we will gladly take it all away and dispose of what we (and you) do not need. In the meantime we can hopefully give a recycle opportunity to an old kitchen to enjoy a second lease of life.